Up early for Murano...

The hotel was nice enough (or so we thought, more on that later) to provide a daily water taxi to Murano, and a tour of one of the glass blowing facilities. After a traditional breakfast, cappuccino and croissant (the Italian espresso is SO much better than what I've had in America) we caught the boat from the hotel (the lobby has a canal facing door, so cool) and headed off to Murano. We met a few couples from outside London on the same trip. The idea was to see the glass blowing and then strike out on our own to explore the island, and eventually grab a Vaporetto (route number 12) to Burano. The dock we were dropped off at led directly into the furnace room... it was great to see how the glass was blown and shaped. Now heres the catch... to leave you have to go through the 2 story, 6 room showroom followed closely by a person that will try to SELL YOU EVERYTHING. Exit through the giftshop indeed... I hope the hotel gets a good kickback.

Murano was a beautiful quiet little island with picturesque towers and piazzo's, a few hours here was not enough... but we had vaporetto to catch, and reportedly the best seafood risotto ever to try in Burano!

Brad ByramComment