In less than one week, we will be in Italy... I like the way that sounds

Next Saturday we will be leaving Austin and be on our way to Milan and Venice (with side trips to Verona, Murano and Burano)... I am so excited about the opportunity to just get lost in old world Venice, finding a hidden city square with a little cafe and grabbing wine and snacking on Cicchetti. We've tried to learn a bit of Italian, but I'm sure there will be lot's of humorous mis-translations... humorous for the Italians I mean... Does anyone have a suggestion for a good iOS translation app? Please post in the comments.

Also starting a backfill as a Team Manager at work, so this next week will be a whirlwind of packing at night and trying to look like I know what I'm doing during the day. If I can keep Lauren to under 3 suitcases I'll consider it a win :-) !

I will attempt to create galleries in the photos section and post daily... it should feel like your almost there with us... almost. Ciao and arrivederci ya'll. - BRAD

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