Weddings, tattoo's and ready to be in Italy...

It's been a big week... last weekend found us in the thriving metropolis of Victoria for a wedding of two great friends. Lauren's family has roots in the area... but I've never been. If you're looking for taco's the size of your head, and questionable hair choices, then look no further #bumpit!

In all seriousness the wedding was great and I got to try out the new camera set up (it's a humbling experience to take low light pictures with no flash)... need much more practice.

I also started on the "finishing" of the tattoo sleeve on my right arm... most of the outlining is done and next comes the shading and color. Not being able to sleep on my right side is affecting Lauren's sleep pattern as that is her "cuddling" side... but open wounds take priority. The left arm is pretty much complete so it's going to be nice to be balanced.. until I decide to add more somewhere else of course.

And finally we are less than three weeks away from Italy! Venice and Milan call, and we may decide to just stay there... Under the Tuscan Sun is one of Lauren's favorite movies, and if I leave her alone for too long she may buy a old mansion... worse thing could happen I guess. - Brad

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