Fashionable parties are the only kind Dawn knows how to throw...

Monday night was not your typical go home, lay on the couch and complain about where the weekend went night. Brad and I came home from work, put on our spiffy attire, and jumped in the car...headed for Smithville, Tx.  Our friend, Dawn Younger-Smith was having a dinner party to celebrate her birthday...and I for one was ready for all the fabulousness to come with it!  Once inside, it was as if I clicked my Valentino heels and we landed in a land of rock and roll, fashion and fabulous all rolled into one. (Now don't worry, I would never purposefully scuff the shoes). As the night went on, Brad and I met the most amazing people and enjoyed lovely cocktails and fancy food. I would have to say a highlight of the evening was meeting Stephen Moser!  I'm not gonna lie...I geeked out in the corner and may or may not have whispered to Brad, I want to go sit in his lap! Ha!  He is such a fashionable and intriguing person!  During this time, presents were flying consisting of Fur, Chanel, and an awesome Vogue book of covers for the birthday girl.  We made the drive back to Austin and couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic night it was! Wow! Dawn and guys are in charge of parties from now on! - Lauren

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