About the life bazaar

The Life Bazaar was created in the heart of Austin Texas by couple Lauren and Brad.  Brad has a background filled with creativity ranging from art, graphic design, printing, writing music and performing music.  Brad traveled the world playing music for years, which lead him to his passion for fashion, if you will.  From early on, Lauren was captivated by the world of fashion, driven through her days as a model.  Lauren worked the runway and photoshoots before going to college so her love of fashion was instilled at an early age.  Years later, Lauren and Brad met and their love for music, fashion and travel weaved the path for The Life Bazaar to develop.  After many trips to Europe, they found themselves intrigued by fashion and the lack of styles that were available back at home.  They wanted to focus on key pieces that could layer into anyones wardrobe and make a statement, big or small and that translated across the globe.