So this is our blog, such as it is...

Lauren Wright and Brad Byram like to do things... what kind of things? Art, Music, Travel, Fashion, Fast Cars, Old Cars, Motorcycles, and Photography, just for a start... and this blog will chronicle all of these things.

Things you may see here:

• Exploring Austin by tooling around in a 1961 Thunderbird named Annette
• Eating far too much at a NYC French bistro
• Movies that we somehow both like (as rare as a unicorn)
• Pictures of cars... and motorcycles... this will happen a lot
• Selfies from another country
• A plethora of Chanel posts (by Lauren)
• Musings on rusty car parts (by Brad)
• Basically lots and lots of pictures

So join us here, like and comment... we look look forward to having you along with us on our Life Bazaar (see what we did there?).